Fiction Writing: Writing Across Genres


Students will cycle through the most popular literary fiction genres, learning the ins and outs to make readers laugh, cry, swoon, and shudder. Along the way, we will analyze and respond to popular works of contemporary fiction, humor, supernatural horror, and sci-fi/fantasy created by the masters of their craft. At the end of this camp, students might find our Fiction Writing Camp an exciting opportunity to sharpen their story-telling techniques within their chosen genre.

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Curriculum Summary:

Participants of all skill levels will gain confidence in writing and understanding various genres of fiction including contemporary fiction, mystery, retellings, myths, science fiction and fantasy. Writers will also be able to work on a genre of their choosing, allowing them to delve deeper into the style and tropes of their favorite novels. Each day of camp will focus on a different genre and campers will have the opportunity to work on pieces of writing in each genre while also peer reviewing one another’s work.

Fiction Virtual Writing Summer Camp for Teens (ages 13-19)

Schedule: July 17th – July 21st 2023, 11:00 am-12:30 pm ET

During workshop sessions, you’ll engage in interactive writing activities, connect with peers around the world, and work together to grow your writing skills.

Between workshop sessions, you may be asked to work independently (and asynchronously) on writing prompts and activities, guided by peer and expert reviews, at your own pace, for approximately 1-2 hours, depending on your facilitator’s workshop plan. You will also receive individualized feedback that will strengthen your writing.

*Please note that we require all participants to appear on either video or audio during online group meetings (video is preferred, but not required).

A Zoom link to join us for our live, virtual online writing camp will be provided via email prior to the start date. Stay tuned!

Guest Speaker:
Tanya Gold

Tanya Gold

Tanya Gold (they/she) is a book editor, French to English translator, educator, and literary omnivore. They have been in publishing for over 20 years, and have worked on all kinds of cool books. These days, they run their own business, working with authors and publishers on SFF, horror, contemporary fiction, literary fiction, memoir, poetry, interactive/game books, and graphic novels.

They also teach online courses for editors and writers, and at the Popular Fiction Writing and Publishing MFA program at Emerson.

It has been suggested that they read too much for their own good. This might be true. http://www.TanyaGold.com

Workshop Facilitators:

Anna O’Connor

Anna O’Connor

Anna is extremely passionate about children’s and young adult literature and published her first children’s picture book in 2020. In addition to children’s literature, Anna has had her short stories and articles published online and in national newspapers. A Quercus scholarship recipient, Anna is known for her work as a writer and activist. She is currently pursuing a BA in English at University College Cork, where she also serves as the Creative Writing Officer of the English Literature Society. As a former Write the World writer and community ambassador, Anna is extremely excited to support young writers in their creative growth.

David Keohane

David Keohane

David serves as an Expert Reviewer, Advisor, and Site Moderator at Write the World. He is a Theatre Arts graduate from Boston University, where he studied acting, directing, playwriting, and theater management. Currently based in the Mid-Hudson Valley region of New York, he freelances as a creative storytelling teacher and mentor, specializing in Shakespeare, dreamwork, and nature studies. David has an enthusiasm for in-depth critical feedback and encouraging a sense of personal play for young writers across the globe.

About Write the World's Virtual Summer Writing Camps:

Jump into new genres of writing and connect with campers across the globe in Write the World’s Virtual Writing Camps.

Spend your summer immersed in a virtual community of teen writers from over 100 countries as you experiment with the written word, try your hand at new styles of writing, and work with notable professionals to create pieces you’re proud of… all without leaving your home!

Whether you choose to spend your free time filling journals with poetry and prose or are new to putting your thoughts on paper, we welcome you to join our week-long writing camps across genres in June, July, and August, 2023.

Have additional questions? Check out our parent and guardian FAQ’s here (scroll to bottom) or reach out to us at workshops@writetheworld.com to connect!

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