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Get comprehensive, personalized feedback on any Common App, Supplemental or Scholarship essay within 48 hours.

NO word limit means that the sky's the limit.

With Write the World’s College Essay Review, students have a college essay editor on their side – anytime, anywhere. Our team of educators bring 20+ years of professional knowledge of college essay writing and college admissions standards, along with a passion for mentoring young writers.

For just $59, students receive in-line essay edits, a comprehensive feedback report, and unlimited email support post-review.

“My writing advisor gave excellent feedback. It was almost as if he knew exactly what I was thinking about while writing the essay, and how I could express it in a better way.”

Anjali, 17

Our personalized, expert feedback focuses on both process and product using our comprehensive, admissions-focused rubric. In-line edits will address mechanics and grammar, while summary feedback will cover bigger-picture components, including idea, voice, organization, and style. 

Our Advisors also evaluate each essay for these essential components:

  • essay topic
  • word count
  • the hook
  • originality of the piece
  • dramatization of a pivotal experience
  • making and relating meaning from that experience 
  • hitting the final note

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Over 160,000+ students receive college applications support each year.

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What Teens Say About WtW Programs​

“This essay course was exactly what I needed to get my essay off the ground. Before this course, I barely knew what a college essay was let alone how to write one. Now, with the help of the amazing writing coaches, I have a start on my own essay and the feedback I need to perfect it in the coming year. Thanks WTW!!!”

— Daniel, 16

“Sincerely, before doing this, I was totally off about what I should include to make my essay compelling, but now I have great insight regarding what a strong college essay should carry. It was very different from what I had previously thought!”

— Bertrand, 18

“I didn’t think I was capable of showing a deeply personal aspect of myself in 500-700 words, and I wasn’t even sure what topic I could explore! Now that I’ve attended the workshop, I got the opportunity to brainstorm on a topic. In discussing with my peers, I realized that I wasn’t alone in my fear about writing a college essay. This was a huge relief for me… I feel more confident in planning for and writing my future college essay.”

– Lauren, 16


For just $59, students gain the written guidance needed to pinpoint their unique voice and work through their essays strategically. There is no word limit, so the price is the same whether students submit a short answer or full-length draft.

After signing up, students will receive an email that contains instructions on how to submit their draft. When ready to submit, students can follow the instructions outlined, as well as fill out our brief student questionnaire that will provide us with insight into their writing. This helps us customize every student’s experience as much as possible.*

Within 48 hours of submission**, students will receive a personalized feedback report with comprehensive in-line edits and commentary based on admissions requirements.

*College Essay Review must be used within 1 year of purchase, or it will be forfeited. Only one essay draft per submission will be accepted.  **Please note guaranteed 48-hour turnaround excludes U.S. federal holidays.

Our team of trained Advisors has a deep professional knowledge of college essay writing and college admissions standards, as well as a passion for mentoring. Our team will use admissions-focused rubrics and our in-text commenting tool to provide feedback on bigger-picture components of writing – such as style, tone, structure, and theme – as well as detailed line edits addressing mechanics, spelling, and grammar.

Totally okay – in fact, there’s no such thing as writing perfectly the first time! Whether students are on draft number one or four, we’ve had experience reviewing, editing, and supporting thousands of pieces of writing across the entire spectrum of “draft” to “done”. From minor grammar adjustments to reordering a paragraph to better “flow” with the entirety of the piece, there are always ways to make essays as strong as possible. Through our proven rubric-based lens, we help students gain clarity on what exactly isn’t working about the draft so far, while being mindful of keeping student voices their own.

The essays are returned via a personalized Word Doc report, so that students can easily review our margin edits, as well as iterate on their draft directly. If there’s anything that the student doesn’t understand they’re welcome to email our Advising team at, where they will receive prompt (and unlimited!) email support. We’re committed to ensuring students are able to incorporate their feedback as smoothly and quickly as possible.

If you’re currently in the process of writing the Common Application Essay, we highly recommend supplementing this Essay Review with our Complete Your College Essay Online Course. Students journey through dozens of prompts, videos, and resources to explore and reflect on THEIR story, in THEIR own words. They’ll walk away with a fully drafted, stand-out Personal Statement in hand, as well as a plethora of writing resources for college and beyond. 

We’re here to help! Please reach out to our Administrative Specialist for College & Workshop Programs, Janelle Milanes at

Since its founding at Harvard University in 2013, Write the World—the online platform for writing instruction—has engaged 30,000 teens (ages 13-19), and 3,000 educators in over 100 countries. We have years of experience guiding students to write and write well, and our college essay curriculums are no exception. Our students write great application essays and become stronger writers, better prepared for college and beyond. See more about Write the World here.

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