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Join us on this 30 Minute On-Demand Webinar, and walk away with the tools, confidence, and clarity to tackle one of the most important pieces of the college application: the college admissions essay.

Everyone has a story to tell—a unique experience that defines who they are, sculpts their worldview, and makes them stand out from other college applicants. 

Write the World’s Jumpstart Your College Essay On-Demand Webinar welcomes students in grades 9-11 to find and own their story through a Harvard-incubated curriculum. From learning critical strategies for navigating the “College Essay” genre, to decoding the essentials of the Common Application Essay, this webinar provides college essay help online free that will position you to amaze admissions officers with authenticity, insight, and skill. 

In just 30 minutes, you will gain:

of students doubled their writing confidence level after watching this webinar
of students found this webinar to to be "extremely helpful" for navigating the college essay

Again, this webinar is completely FREE!

college application essay help online free

Again, this webinar is completely FREE!​

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to become acclimated with the college admissions process, unlock your key ingredient, learn about the Essay Success Formula, and more! 

About Your Advisor

Janelle Milanes

Janelle Milanes

Janelle is an educator and writer whose novels have been featured in the New York Times book review and listed as part of Bank Street College’s Best Children’s Books. Originally from Miami, Florida, she received her BA in English Literature at Davidson College. Her passion for writing led her to New York City to work at Simon & Schuster, where she gained experience in editing and educational marketing. After publishing, Janelle pursued a Masters degree in Special Education and taught in K-12 schools for ten years. She has since hosted writing workshops and mentored hundreds of students to help them achieve postsecondary success. Her experience in education and in narrative writing has equipped her to guide young writers through the college essay process and empower them to share their stories.

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What Teens Say About The Webinar:

“This essay course was exactly what I needed to get my essay off the ground. Before this course, I barely knew what a college essay was let alone how to write one. Now, with the help of the amazing writing coaches, I have a start on my own essay and the feedback I need to perfect it in the coming year. Thanks WTW!!!”

— Daniel, 16

“Sincerely, before doing this, I was totally off about what I should include to make my essay compelling, but now I have great insight regarding what a strong college essay should carry. It was very different from what I had previously thought!”

— Bertrand, 18

“I didn’t think I was capable of showing a deeply personal aspect of myself in 500-700 words, and I wasn’t even sure what topic I could explore! Now, I have the opportunity to brainstorm on a topic. I realized that I wasn’t alone in my fear about writing a college essay. This was a huge relief for me… I feel more confident in planning for and writing my future college essay.”

– Lauren, 16

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