Sci-Fi/Fantasy: Imagine New Worlds (On-Demand Only)


Write the World is excited to present our first On-Demand Only camp! This on-demand camp offers the same level of quality as our live camps while allowing students from around the world to participate regardless of their busy schedules or their time zones.

The flexibility of our on-demand only camps is ideal for students unable to join daily live sessions but still seeking to sharpen their writing skills and connect with their peers. This camp spans 4 weeks, with new multimedia lessons and writing prompts released each week. Students may engage in lessons, independent writing exercises, and peer reviewing at any time, day or night. This camp progresses on a weekly basis, giving students a seven-day period to complete assignments before advancing to the next chapter.

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SciFi/Fantasy: Imagine New Worlds Virtual Writing Summer Camp for Teens (ages 13-19)

  • IMPORTANT: This camp is on-demand and online only
  • Spans 4 weeks, with new multimedia lessons and writing prompts released online each week
  • Access to a community forum of peers, moderated by our team of professional writers and educators

Curriculum Summary:

About this Camp: 

From monsters to centaurs, cars that fly to computers that cure disease, the sci-fi and fantasy genres—consistently favorites among Write the World writers—allow authors and readers to dream big, carrying us into alternate universes that inspire us to think differently about our own. In this workshop, participants will focus on key tools in a sci-fi/fantasy writer’s toolbox, learning about worldbuilding; captivating characterization; how to use dialogue as a tether to our world and a portal to another; the intricacies of creating compelling conflicts; and more!Note: a live version of this camp is also available. Find out more here.

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